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Danya Cebus Ltd., a public subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments Ltd., is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since the year 2000.

The company specializes in construction and infrastructure, and has exceptional capabilities of planning and execution of complex projects, combining management and engineering know-how, advanced construction techniques, quality and uncompromising service.

Ever since its establishment nearly eighty years ago, Danya Cebus continuously justifies its position as a leader in the industry.

The company focuses on high-quality housing, which is today its main activity and source of pride leading to excellent relationships with the leading entrepreneurial companies of the country and tens of thousands of satisfied tenants.

At the same time, the company has built dozens of impressive projects of public buildings, offices, commercial and industrial buildings for public agencies and private developers.

The company also specializes in large and complex infrastructure projects, including the construction of roads, railways infrastructure, bridges, tunnels and development of associated infrastructure.

The industrial construction enterprise Cebus Rimon is a complete subsidiary of Danya Cebus which provides high-quality industrial solutions for all types of construction and infrastructures.

Due to its high potential in the field of civil engineering and the ability to develop alternative solutions, the company managed to position itself as a "key player" in the field of complex projects, such as design-build projects, as contractor and projects in the field of public-private sector (PFI, PPP).

The company has been exporting its management and engineering capabilities for its international subsidiaries in order to support and achieve successful projects abroad. The company has successfully completed and continues to implement projects in Europe and the United States, including residential, commercial, office projects and hotels for Africa Israel Investments Ltd. and other entrepreneurs.

In the past few years, Danya Cebus has established several subsidiaries with niche specializations: The FORMA company specializes in finishing works and preservations, and Geo Danya specializes in geotechnical works.

In 2009 Danya Cebus purchased Africa Israel Residence which builds more then a 1,000 residence units per year and operates under "Savyonim" brand.

In 2012, Danya Cebus was pointed in the "Top 100 leading Israeli companies " list by DUN'S100

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