International Activities

Yuvalim Manpower

Yuvalim was founded in the beginning of 2012. It provides services in the field of foreign labor in accordance with license issued to it by the Population and Immigration Authority. 
The company places skilled and professional workers at the sites of Danya Cebus and its subsidiary companies, including Forma.
Yuvalim was established in light of the requirement for experienced and professional staff and creation of a business model that will help coping with challenges faced by Danya Cebus in the construction market in Israel.
The company maintains a database of foreign workers and specialists, including experts in the fields of skeletalworks, finishing works and renovation, and provides employment services at competitive prices with strict adherence to quality and deadlines, in accordance with the client's demands.
The company's employees are working all over Israel, from Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem to Netanya and Hadera.
Partial projects list:
"Gindi ART" in Hod HaSharon 
Savyoney TLV, Tel Aviv 
IDF Training Campus, Yeruham 
"Grand Kenyon" in Be'er Sheva 
Talpiot, Jerusalem 
Savyoney HaSharon, Kfar Yona 
Jerusalem Arena Hall
Gilo in Jerusalem 
Ezorey Nahal Yavne 
Halomot Hadera 
Ir Yamim in Netanya 
Hadar on the Sea, Ashdod 
"Tsamarot Marina", Herzliya 
Eco, Kfar Saba 
Savyoney Ramat Aviv 
Gindi in Ramle 
Yuvel parking lot, Jerusalem

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