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Africa Israel Residences is an entrepreneurial company that is engaged in the development and sale of residential units throughout Israel, while setting a new standard of quality of life in the country. The company offers new apartments of the highest quality with a variety of technical specifications in neighborhoods that have been fully developed by the company.
Residents in homes built within Africa Israel Residences projects enjoy public services as well as high-quality educational and cultural institutions. Due to the investments in the surroundings the value of the property is guaranteed for many years to come. Purchase of apartments from Africa Israel is considered a reliable and profitable investment.
Savyonim Neighborhoods - An Icon of Quality Living

One of the icons of Africa Israel Residence are the Savyonim neighborhoods which are located in different parts of Israel. These neighborhoods enjoy high demand due to the combination of high-standard construction and quality educational institutions, shopping centers, cultural facilities, and green parks, which were built by Africa Israel Residences for the benefit of residents. Living in any of the Savyonim neighborhoods in Israel ensures you and your family security, convenience and comfort.
Luxury apartments - a new level of comfort
Exclusive Projects of Africa Israel Residences offer a new level of housing with meticulous design, personal service, comfort and privacy. You will see the difference already at the entrance to the lobby, and later, when you will walk through the security service, wellness center and luxury apartments.

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