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Quality begins with the foundation

Cebus Rimon Industrialized Construction Ltd. is a subsidiary of Danya Cebus from the Africa Israel Investments Ltd. It is the oldest and leading company specializing in industrialized construction of housing, commercial and infrastructure projects in Israel. 

The company adheres to the strictest standards with regard to the quality of construction, processes and controls. The combination of knowledge and many years of experience, as well as the support of Danya Cebus, allowed Cebus Rimon to become a leading company in the field of industrialized construction in Israel, which guarantees quality from the very foundation. 

The company provides its clients with a comprehensive package of solutions, from expert advice in the field of industrialized construction, through the manufacture of various types of products (in accordance with ISO 9002) and to the execution and on-site construction, which is performed by professional teams with respective specialization.

Cebus Rimon produces tailor-made precast elements for all purposes in the construction industry. The plants of Cebus Rimon, which were designed and built according to progressive French construction methods, offer all solutions for precast industrialized construction under one roof.
The company offers the following services: consulting and industrial design, manufacturing prefabricated structures for residential, commercial and public buildings, including ceiling panels, columns, beams, pre-stressed panels, precast walls and contractor services. The company also provides industrial elements for infrastructure projects, such as elements for incremental launching and other bridges, retaining walls, culverts and channels, and other special elements that are designed and manufactured exclusively by Cebus Rimon and parent company Danya Cebus, such as prefabricated above ground and underground cabins for transformers of different sizes conforming with the demands of states' the Electricity Company. 

The use of industrialized precast construction method reduces the scope of wet and casting works on the construction site to 30% compared to the conventional construction method.

• Supporting the facade walls for tall buildings

• Curtain walls with different cladding, including marble, granite, silicate and exposed concrete

• Inner and outer walls for  reinforced security spaces

• Interior partition walls

• Pre-stressed ceilings

• Balconies, railings and stairs

• Pre-stressed concrete beams

• Columns 

• Pre-stressed U-profile plates of 210 m.

• Beams for rail and road bridges

• Beams for bridges and industry

• Beams according to AASHTO standard for bridges and underpasses cover

• Components of concrete bridges using MATCH CAST method for incremental launching bridges 
• Due to the unique technology Cebus Rimon can build bridges with spans up to 70 m!
• Supporting walls for reinforced soil walls and acoustic walls 

• Culverts of various cuts

• Transformer boxes - Cebus Rimon is the official contractor of the states' Electric Company for supply of transformer boxes in Israel

• Underground transformer boxes

Residential Buildings
Business & Offices