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Geotechnical solutions

Geo Danya is a company specializing in geotechnical projects. Its main goal is to be the leading geotechnical company providing the highest quality. Its Activities include: excavation works for underground parking lots, piling (specialization in bentonite), slurry walls, jet grouting, ground anchors, dewatering and any other geotechnical and underground works. 
Geo Danya is the result of a partnership between Danya Cebus and geotechnical group from Spain. Geo Danya is an Israeli company that executes work as a general contractor as well as a subcontractor. 
It was founded in the light of the "construction boom" and significant investments in infrastructure, which are gaining momentum in recent years. Examples of significant projects in field of infrastructure, which are planned in the near future are: Netivei Israel program, construction of a tram line in Tel Aviv, construction of sea ports in Ashdod and Haifa, and infrastructure projects in the fields of water and gas.
Geo Danya employs in its work levels of standards different than those that have been implemented in Israel so far. This is reflected not only in a huge investment of resources and uncompromising highest standards of equipment and technology, but also in the recruitment of professional staff, including specialists from abroad, and by doing so, training of Israeli personnel.
Geo Danya aims to provide customers with comprehensive engineering solutions.
"Geotechnical Solutions" is not just a slogan, but a methodology that is realized on a daily basis by the company's management and stuff.

Products and Solutions 
• Bentonite piles
• Slurry walls
• CFA piles
• Prestressed driven piles
• Wall construction with Hydro Mill machines using the Cutter system
• Jet grouting for insulation against groundwater
• Jet grouting for reinforcement of buildings
• Dewatering of underground structures
• Various types of ground anchors -  temporary, permanent, polymeric
• Treatment of contaminated soil
• Earthworks 

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