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Global Strategy

AFI Group implements a global strategy, focusing on the development of core activities in the field of real estate, construction and infrastructure, energy and related fields. This strategy is aimed at expanding business operations, as well as maintaining growth rates. Ways of implementation: innovative entrepreneurship; development and management of large projects on various sites around the world; the use of the corporation's economic power for internal cooperation; creation of a stable income; improving the management capacity and accumulation of the corporation's assets for future growth.

Real Estate

AFI Development Russia -  a public company, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was founded in 2001 in order to coordinate the activities of the corporation in Russia and today it is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate development in the country. The company specializes in large-scale projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Volgograd and other cities in Russia, including residential construction projects, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and infrastructures. The company is developing several major projects in Moscow, such as a the Moscow City shopping mall and Tverskaya Zastava project, which includes underground parking, a hotel, office spaces and luxury residential building.

AFI USA - the company was founded in 2002 to coordinate the activities of the corporation in the United States. The Company specializes in exclusive residential projects, profitable real estate and tourism and hotel projects. The company operates in New York and is the owner of the New-York Times building, and the luxury APTHORP building. It also executes projects in Miami, Los Angeles and Phoenix, and takes part in the construction of "Hard Rock" amusement park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Company has building rights in a mega-project in Las Vegas.

AFI Europe is the coordinator corporation's activities in Europe since 1998. It is the owner of residential buildings, office facilities and shopping centers in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Latvia. 
Among other things, it participated in the construction of the Palac Flora shopping center in Prague and developed "Cotroceni Park" in Bucharest, which is the largest shopping center in Romania.

AFI Asia Pacific - coordinator of the corporation's activities in East Asia. It specializes in residential real estate, as well as office buildings and industrial parks in the Philippines since 2005, and is expanding its operations to other countries in the region. 

Real estate in Israel - the company owns hundreds of thousands of square meters of leased property, including five shopping centers, three scientific and industrial parks and high-rise office buildings.

Africa Israel Residences - under the brand name "Savyonim" the company is engaged in the construction of prestigious residential areas, including shopping centers, schools, green areas and sports and cultural facilities. The Company develops a variety of construction projects with thousands of residential units, and it is considered to be the best and most reliable company in the field of residential construction in Israel.

Construction and Infrastructure 

Danya Cebus - division of Africa Israel Investments Ltd., which specializes in construction and is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 2000. Danya Cebus manages most of the major infrastructure projects in Israel, and operates also in Romania,Russia and USA. The company specializes in the construction of residential buildings, highways and bridges, railway infrastructure, shopping centers, offices and commercial properties.

BOT and PFI projects- Africa Israel Investments Ltd. owns about 37.5% of the shares of "Derech Eretz", which built Highway №6 (Trans-Israel Highway), operates and maintains it. This was the first BOT (build-operate-transfer) project in Israel. the project value was approximately 1.3 billion dollars. Additional activities in the fields of BOT and PFI: Route 431, the first private prison in Israel, student dormitory at the Hebrew University, the government offices building n Tel Aviv and tram project in Tel Aviv - the largest infrastructure project in Israel, totaling more than $2 billion.


Alon Group, including "Alon Delek" - the largest international energy group in Israel. Alon USA owns the 1,700 refinery, Big Spring, gas stations under the brand FINA in several states of the US, terminals, over 1,850 miles of fuel pipelines, asphalt plants and over 170 stores of the 7-Eleven chain.

Dor Alon Energy - operates a chain of gas stations and stores under the brand name "Super Alonit" in Israel. The company also owns the "Blue Square" chain, which is one of the largest retail chains in Israel.


Africa Israel Investments Ltd. controls the company AFI Industries (previously "Packer Plada"), the largest steel corporation in Israel, as well as "Negev Ceramics", which is a leader in the field of design and manufacture of products for construction and interior design. AFI Industries operates also in Russia and plans to expand its activities to additional countries.

Additional activities

Tourism and Recreation - Africa Israel Hotels Ltd. holds the license for the management and operation of Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotels in Israel. It operates ten hotels in Israel (2,250 rooms) and SPA hotel in Kislovodsk, Russia (400 rooms). It also operates tourist centers in Israel and abroad. Recently, the company entered the markets of Germany and Romania and is expanding its activities to Russia and Europe.

AFI Brands - the company holds shares in the Gottex, Gideon Oberson, Christina (Canada) and several international brands of beachwear, as well as franchises in Zara and Pull and Bear in Israel.

Communications and Media - the company owns a controlling share in Tadiran Telecom, which develops communications solutions, and in "Israel Plus" - Israeli TV channel for Russian speakers.

Asset Management - Africa Israel Investments Ltd. is engaged in the management of financial assets and funds, underwriting and provision of other financial services to leading businesses and individuals.
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