Danya Cebus Rom is active in the construction field, which is part of a new generation of construction companies that successfully combines technological innovation with professional expertise.
The activities are centered in the fields of residential construction, building commercial and office spaces, infrastructure development, and industrial design and manufacture..

Afi Palace Cotroceni - Bucuresti

Danya Cebus Rom entered the Romanian market in 2007 upon signing the contract for the residential project "Evocasa Armonia".
Our mission statement is that only by continuously challenging ourselves we will progress and create value. The company has a supreme commitment to customer service, un compromising quality, and fierce determination to meet timetables, qualities that brought Danya multiple awards among which we mention:


The company's engineering project management relies on capable managing staff that have initiated, developed, designed and executed complex projects.
Building for the future, with smart new-age strategies and concept - and a 21st century vision - Danya Cebus is a genuine new-generation construction company, with all the added values of a high-tech enterprise.
Residential Buildings
Business & Offices