Without a good foundation there is no culture of construction

"A good name is better than precious ointment"
The secret of our success lies in its personnel and their quality, professionalism, experience and ability to work as a team. the vast majority of the thousand employees, have engineering and academic education. Each of them is a qualified expert with extensive experience in their field. Engineers plan and carry out projects with the highest level of professionalism and in collaboration with other divisions of the company: accounting, human resources, legal department and management. Our clients witness the result on a daily basis.

"Quality never goes out of fashion"
"Quality" is the key word for success in the construction industry. This word accompanies Danya Cebus at each site and project, from the initial drawing all the way and including the cladding. The company's culture of quality allowed it to receive ISO 9002 certification, based on the concept of "do it right first time". This saves valuable time of construction and repair. It also allows providing full satisfaction to the clients. The quality control system of Danya Cebus based on the strictest international standards and procedures. The quality control department carries out constant monitoring of all ongoing projects in order to meet the most demanding standards of construction.

"Today's science is tomorrow's technology"
In the construction industry the Danya Cebus referred to as "the company that made the high-tech part of the construction industry." Indeed, in the industry, which is considered one of the most complex, Danya Cebus uses the most modern technological means - from modernized and professional software to creative building technologies. All of the company's operations are fully documented and managed through an innovative computer network. All computerized management processes are based on modern software, that was designed in accordance with the specific needs of the company and the various operation fields.

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