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Danya Cebus is a leading company in Israel in the field of public-private partnerships (PPP). It offers its customers a comprehensive warranty in all stages of the project - from initial planning to the maintenance and operation after its completion. The PPP, allows clients to receive funding from the private sector, reduce costs and enjoy strict quality control, comprehensive warranty, compliance with time schedules, effective project management and the most innovative technological solutions.
One example of project in the field of public-private partnership, which was performed by Danya Cebus, is the construction of Route 431 - a direct and wide freeway from Rishon LeZion to Modi'in - without traffic jams, with comfort and maximum safety. In this project, as well as in the construction of the Trans-Israel Highway (Highway №6), Danya Cebus has been involved both as a franchise owner and as contractor, providing comprehensive services of design, construction and operation under the "same roof".

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